GSB Consumer & Retail Club
GSB Consumer & Retail Club
Stanford Graduate School of Business

Our Focus

We serve to educate MBA/MSX members about consumer products and retail industries, as well as connect them with corporate leaders and innovators at home and abroad. Throughout the year, we host numerous speakers from leading industry names on campus, while also leading domestic and international trips to connect with employers in A DIVERSE SET OF INDUSTRIES.


Consumer Brands

What do modern consumer brands need to make it to scale? How do investors and entrepreneurs see the shifting brand landscape? We’ve hosted founders and executives from companies like Glossier, Halo Top, Amour Vert, Harry’s, etc., in addition to consumer brand investors like Forerunner Ventures and Sequoia Capital. Our treks take us across the country and around the world to visit executives, entrepreneurs, and investors with expertise in building consumer brands.


Traditional retail & E-commerce

With the rise of e-commerce, the landscape of traditional retail is changing. Through our on-campus lunch talks, events, and treks to SF, LA, and London, we’re exploring what the future of retail will look like. How will large incumbents adapt to compete with modern brands? What areas are ripe for disruption and who will be the ones to do so? Our members are thinking about these questions from investment, operational, and entrepreneurial perspectives.


Reach out to us

OUR programming is driven by the interests of our members. Please reach out to us with any requests or suggestions.